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How do I send emails to guests?


With ONevents it is possible to send circular or mass emails to the registered guests of an event. Administrators of an event are authorized to send circular emails using the “Emails” module.

Emails should always be tested in admin mode and, once approved, duplicated and sent to guests.

The following information is required to create an email:

  • - Reference
  • – Email text
  • – Appendix (optional)

View of the email module at ONevents


The “Addresses” setting defines a group of users to whom the email will be sent. It is advisable to use “administrators” for the test and only send the draft to all guests in the next step.


The subject is displayed in the subject line of the email. A short, informative sentence is suitable here.


Formatted texts and hyperlinks can be integrated into the text field. The placeholders (displayed in the lower area) can also be used. Placeholders are replaced with the user-specific data in the sent email.


The following wildcards are supported:


%USER.GREETING% –> Is replaced in the email by “Dear” or “Dear”

%USER.SALUTATION% –> Is replaced in the email by “Mrs” or “Mr”

%USER.TITLE% –> Is replaced in the email by the title specified in the user profile

%USER.FIRST_NAME% –> Is replaced by the first name in the email

%USER.LAST_NAME% –> Is replaced by the last name in the email

%USER.EMAIL% —> Is replaced in the email by the recipient's email address

%USER.SIGNED_LOGIN_URL% –> Is replaced in the email by a user’s personal login link (PLL).


Here it is possible to attach an attachment (up to 10 MB file size). This is suitable for calendar entries, programs or brochures.

Scheduled at

This function can be used to determine the time of sending.

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