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How do I write a confirmation email?

If a registration mask is used for registration at an event, it makes sense to also write a confirmation email for registration. The confirmation email can be short and casual or contain a lot of information and attachments. However, it is advisable to write a short email with all relevant information and a calendar appointment.

Standard text of an ONevents confirmation email

The picture above shows the standard email which is used as a preset. This can easily be rewritten and made more specific with more detailed information about the event.

Where can I create or change the registration email?

Create a new email under the “Emails” menu item. The placeholders can be used here and attachments can be uploaded. Calendar entries are a useful attachment and are often used.

In order for a guest to receive the confirmation email after registration, the event “Registration” must be selected under “Triggered on day or event” and “Guests” must be selected under “Recipients”.

The sending of the registration confirmation email has now been set and is already in operation. Have fun registering.

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