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What is the optimal data rate for a video stream?

The settings depend on various factors, the hardware itself, the internet connection, and of course the resolution in which you want to stream. 

If you want to stream in a very good resolution of 1080p, you should choose 60 fps. A stable bit rate of 6000 kbit/s (6 Mbit per second) is required here.

For example, if you stream with a smartphone, you won't be able to achieve such values. Newer smartphones should be able to handle 720p and 30 fps and a bit rate of 3,000 or 4,500 kbit/s.

In order to transmit a video stream in FullHD, a data rate of at least 2000kBit/s should be provided for the upload. An optimal data rate for such a stream is 6 MBit/s.

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