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Set up event registration

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Often all you need for an event is a registration form. Guests should be able to register for an event online, regardless of whether it is an on-site event or an online event. For the on-site event, you often just need a list of the registered people; for the online event, you need to be reachable via email address.

With our registration form you can create the right solution for all of these cases. How exactly to set up the form can be read in another article. The aim here is to clarify what happens after registration, i.e. what exactly happens when you click on the “Register” button.

Standard event registration form

Confirmation email

You can consider whether you want to send a registration confirmation email or not. However, such an email is very important if you want to send further information about the event (e.g. a calendar entry).

Click here for the entry about the creation of Confirmation emails.


After you click the “Register” button, you will be redirected to the first stage. There you can think about what information you want to show. Often a countdown and again a registration confirmation are shown. It is also possible to show a video or provide further information about the event.

Default view after setting up a new event.

The default setting is redirection to the screen above. However, this can be completely adjusted under Direction 1. You can find out how to do this in the article on editing the stages.

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