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Tutorial: How to invite people to an employee party using the ONevents template

Organize your next employee party easily and stress-free with the ONevents “Employee Party” template. Here we show you how it works! From creating attractive invitations to running the event smoothly, this template will guide you step by step to your perfect summer party or unforgettable Christmas party.

We wish you a successful application of the ONevents template and a successful employee party for your team!

When do I use this template?

With this template you can quickly and easily create an invitation for a staff party. The template includes safe-the-date emails, registration confirmations, reminder emails, PDF tickets and everything you need for on-site check-in.

How do I use the template?

When creating a new event, you can select the “Employee Party” template. All necessary elements are automatically created when the template is loaded.

You can customize these elements as desired:

  • Save the date email
  • Reminder
  • Cancellation confirmation
  • Confirmation of commitment
  • Invitation email
  • ticket
  • Check-in web app

Process and use of the elements

Save the date email

This email is the first announcement about the event. You can send them out long before the event. This ensures that your guests make note of the appointment and do not reschedule it. The template contains all the necessary information for a Safe the Date email and just needs to be filled with the correct data.

View the default save-the-date emails
Invitation email

The invitation email will go into more detail about the event. This also gives you the opportunity to receive acceptances and rejections.

You can use the “Participate” or “Don’t Participate” buttons to make it as easy as possible for your guests to provide feedback. Clicks are saved directly and the feedback status appears in the platform.

By clicking on “Participate” the feedback will be saved in the platform. By clicking on “Complete registration” the registration is confirmed.

If you click on “Do not participate”, this status will also be saved and a message will be shown.

Confirmation emails will be sent for both responses. Depending on the feedback, the future guest receives the most important information.

Acceptance email

Both the acceptance email and the rejection email offer the opportunity to adjust your registration status using the “Change status” button. The confirmation process is started again.

A link to the online ticket will also be sent with the email. Behind the “Go to ticket” button there is a personal link to a guest’s ticket.


The link to the personal ticket will be sent with the confirmation email. Here it is also possible to display all information next to the ticket. This information is edited under Bucket Entries >> Info. All information displayed is stored here.

After sending the invitation, all guests can register or unsubscribe. A guest's registration status can be viewed in the backend. Under User >> Edit you can check the current feedback status of a guest.

With the user export you always have an overview of the registration status of your guests. The current response status is displayed in the “RSVP” column.

Check-in on site

Using the “Check-In” button, users can be checked in on site. You can find detailed instructions on how to process a check-in HERE

The template can be selected when creating a new event.

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