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Business card etiquette: The art of exchanging contact details digitally

New feature: Real networking with QR code

Network meeting – and you forgot your business cards or they are crumpled in your bag? The phone number is not current? Maybe you handed over your card but the other person didn't have one with you? All these tedious little faux pas are a thing of the past at innovative events - thanks to the digital business card. With the new feature update from ONevents, exchanging contact details is very easy by scanning the QR code. But how do you behave correctly when exchanging your digital business card? We have put together a little business card etiquette for you.

1. Get the timing right!

Wait for the right moment to present the QR code! This can be after a conversation if there is interest in further contact. If you and the other person agree that you want to network, you can suggest staying in touch. Then you pull out your cell phone, open the QR code on the web app and the person you are talking to can now simply start the exchange by scanning with the camera - the preset contact details are immediately exchanged and vice versa. Nobody has to laboriously type in a number or a name or runs the risk of writing down the data incorrectly.

Every guest has a digital business card

2. Show respect!

When exchanging business cards, it is important to give the person you are talking to your full attention - this also applies to digital business cards. Show interest in the person and what they have to say before suggesting the exchange of contact information. Thanks to the new ONevents feature, you immediately have all the information digitally on your smartphone after the digital scan and can also add a note yourself to remember the conversation and the information you collected afterwards. It is good manners to read the business card carefully. A suitable comment also leaves a special impression, e.g. B. to the company headquarters or you ask for the correct pronunciation of the last name. As the conversation continues, you should also use the name and title correctly when addressing the person - this creates sympathy and makes the conversation more personal.

3. Use professional contact details!

What applies to the physical business card is also important for the digital business card - and is much easier to solve: The contact details must be current and professional. Nicknames have no place here, nor do non-representative email addresses. If you should ask yourself: “Does the academic degree have to be on the business card?” the answer is clearly: “Yes!” In German-speaking countries, academic degrees are usually part of the name and should therefore also be on your business card. So no false modesty! Always think in a service-oriented manner and think about what information could be important and useful for the people you are talking to! With the ONevents business card feature, all users have the opportunity to decide for themselves which data they would like to share and which they would rather not. Of course, digital business cards enable contact details to be updated very quickly and easily.

Collected business cards can be managed clearly. Contacts are saved locally using VCF export.

4. Don't throw around your contact details!

Sometimes networking events get really sporty and business cards are thrown inflated into the crowd. That doesn't make a good impression and is hardly possible anymore thanks to the digital business card. Because here, two conversation partners always work together to exchange their current contact details. This makes it difficult to impose business cards. Nevertheless, always make sure whether the person is actually interested in exchanging business cards or, ideally, give an example during the conversation why the exchange could be useful - e.g. E.g.: “Please send me more information!” or “Let’s continue the conversation at the next opportunity!”

Simply scan the QR code of another participant and the contact details are exchanged.

5. Maintain your digital network!

The exchanged contact details are saved in the ONevents platform immediately after the scan. This way you always keep track of your contacts. You can also download the data to your cell phone as a vcf file with just one click. After the meeting, you can send a small thank you message or a short postscript to the personal conversation, thereby showing politeness and commitment. But avoid mass emails! Under no circumstances should you spam your newly made contacts with advertising - always keep it personal!

Direktnachrichten schicken
Stay in touch with direct messages.

So, proper etiquette when exchanging business cards is crucial to building positive relationships and promoting business success. Digital business cards offer some decisive advantages over physical cards. They are more environmentally friendly as they reduce the need for paper and printing inks, can be easily updated and make it easier to integrate newly made contacts into contact databases and CRM systems. Using digital business cards reduces the likelihood of errors, saves time and resources, and makes organization and communication easier. ONevents guarantees that all services, data storage and transmission channels used are GDPR-compliant. The systems undergo regular security checks to ensure that your data is 100 percent safe with us.

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