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Send climate-neutral newsletters with ONevents!

Communication is important at every event. From the first contact to the advance announcement of the next event, emails are still the best way to connect with interested parties and guests. To ensure that this connection works smoothly, we have designed our mailing tool to be as simple as possible for you and paid attention to the highest level of data security.

1. Create emails easily

Professional, mobile-friendly newsletters can be created in minutes with the newsletter editor. Images, links and text formatting are applied at the push of a button. More and more users are checking their emails on their cell phones while on the move. Our newsletters adapt flexibly to the requirements of every screen format. This way, your newsletters are guaranteed to be displayed correctly.

2. Upload contact details or offer a registration form

With one click, all contacts are uploaded and ready to be sent. They can be segmented and filtered using tags and other interested parties can register independently using the easy-to-setup registration form. For a good overview, you can view and analyze the status of your subscribers at any time.  

3. GDPR compliant and climate neutral

Our systems are climate-neutral. Emissions that cannot be avoided are offset. The life cycle of every event with ONevents is analyzed. Based on the analysis, a strategy for climate neutrality is developed. We want to keep doing events for a long time - and that's why we're taking care of our planet. All services, data storage and transmission paths used are set up to be GDPR-compliant. Our system was checked by the lawyer and IT security. 

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