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With our platform you can offer each participant a tailored view. Through personalized content and targeted viewing control, each participant receives an experience tailored to their needs. This enables individual representations, personalized information and unique insights to strengthen the bond with each participant.

Personal program

Everyone has the opportunity to put together their own individual event experience by choosing from a variety of sessions and events. This personalized approach allows each participant to create a program tailored to their interests and goals and get the most out of the event.


Uncomplicated registration in just a few steps. With our user-friendly platform, participants can register quickly and easily. A few details are enough to receive eligibility and take part in events. A smooth process to ensure access to event content - without unnecessary hurdles.

Business Cards &

Our platform allows participants to collect and manage digital business cards. These digital contact cards provide a convenient way to make connections and share information. By collecting and managing digital business cards, participants can easily maintain contacts and build valuable networks to establish long-term relationships with potential business partners, colleagues and prospects.

First Login

The first login to ONevents marks the beginning of a tailored event experience. This step gives attendees access to personalized features, customized settings and a user-friendly platform designed to meet their needs throughout the event period.

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