Optional email verification & authentication

There are various options at ONevents to ensure that only the guests you want come to an event. In addition to the automatic protection against spam bots, security features such as e-mail verification and manual authentication can now be activated for the event. In this way, the registrations can be controlled even better.

Email verification

Optionally, an e-mail verification can be activated for each event. After registering, guests are sent to a waiting area until their email address is confirmed. Once confirmed, they will be admitted to the event.

Function can be found under: Settings >> Login & Registration >> User must verify email


If you want to control the control of each individual registration manually, there is the option of subjecting the guest to an authentication process. Here a guest can register for an event and is sent to a waiting area. At the same time, the admin of the event is informed by email that a guest has requested approval. With one click, each guest can be approved by the admin. The guest can then log in directly.

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