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Ask questions – moderation function

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ONInquiry is a module for online events with which moderated and selected questions from the audience can be forwarded directly to the speaker for answers. ONInquiry includes, among other things, a question bar on the virtual stage of the event, individually designed buttons, various moderation functions in the backend as well as a clear moderation view for the speaker and all moderators.

Never lose track again.

With ONInquiry, questions from the audience can either be shown, hidden or simply deleted. Our ONEvents service for this module includes the entire setup as well as comprehensive online training for our customers.

ONInquiry is an excellent module that can be used to build greater audience proximity by answering questions. It also enables extensive question and answer sessions to be held after events and generally offers an opportunity for better integration of the audience into an event.

The question module can be used in different ways. It can be defined whether the questions received are shown to the guest or whether they remain in the control room or with the moderator.

Mode 1 – Questions from guests are collected in the control room

Questions are collected in the control room

When used this way, incoming questions are displayed directly to the moderator. The moderator can decide which questions are answered and which are deleted.

Mode 2 – Pre-sorting of questions

Questions are pre-sorted in the control room.

All incoming questions in the direction are collected here. An editor in the control room can pre-sort the questions and decide which ones are forwarded to the moderator. In this way, unwanted questions or questions that do not fit the content can be sorted out and the important ones can be sent to the speakers on stage.

Mode 3 – Guest can see questions received

Questions received will be made visible to the guest

In some situations it is advantageous if the questions received are visible to the audience. This way the guest can see which questions are already being prepared and have already been asked. Duplicates are thus avoided and a guest's patience is not strained. The director can decide which questions are shown to the guest and whether they are forwarded to the moderator or the speakers.

Mode 4 – 2-stage pre-sorting of the questions received

Questions received are pre-sorted

Sometimes multiple instances have to decide whether a question is answered or not. In this mode, the incoming questions are first pre-sorted by the director, then forwarded to the moderator, who in turn can sort the questions and determine which ones are visible to the audience. In this way, unpleasant questions to the moderators and speakers are avoided and only approved questions are shown to the guests.

It's no wonder that ONInquiry is a widely used and very popular module among many ONevents users.

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