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ONevents for agencies

ONevents offers agencies a comprehensive platform that provides various tools and functions for planning, organizing and executing events. With tailored solutions, ONevents enables agencies to manage events efficiently and optimize the event experience for customers. The platform offers features such as event planning tools, ticket sales, live streaming, feedback mechanisms and more. In addition, ONevents allows the creation of recurring events, making it easier to organize regular events. Agencies can also upload and use customized event branding elements using corporate design templates. This variety of functions allows agencies to individually design events and meet the needs of their customers.

Design templates for companies & events

Design templates for companies and events in ONevents offer ready-made templates for branding elements. These include customizable logos, colors and backgrounds to quickly create consistent and attractive event materials.

Secure customer management
with their own databases

An individual database is created for each customer. This feature ensures that each customer's data is managed separately and securely, eliminating confusion or data overlap. Each database is specific and isolated, ensuring the integrity and security of customer data.

Clear organization of all customers and events

Print badges on site! Our system allows badges to be printed directly at the event location. With this practical function, individual badges can be created for each guest in real time. Participants receive their personalized badges immediately upon arrival, ensuring smooth operations and efficient organization.

Successful events with ONevents


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