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Networking Manager

ONevents' Networking Manager enables participants to make valuable connections. This platform offers a dynamic and user-friendly environment in which participants can network, exchange ideas and meet potential business partners. With helpful profiling tools, direct chats and targeted matching features, Networking Manager promotes effective networking and makes it easier to build meaningful relationships during the event.

Digital Business Cards

Digital business cards are a modern and effective way to make contacts and exchange information. In ONevents, participants can create and exchange digital business cards to conveniently share their contact information, company information and personal details. This digital exchange option makes it easier to maintain connections, store information and simplify the networking process during and after the event.

Direct messages send

The direct messaging feature in ONevents allows attendees to communicate with each other instantly. This feature provides a private and direct way to exchange messages between participants. Through direct messaging, they can communicate discreetly, ask questions, exchange information and make contacts, which significantly enriches the networking experience during the event.

Direktnachrichten schicken

Exchange business cards via QR codes

Forgotten or crumpled business cards are a thing of the past. With the feature: the digital business card. This allows you to exchange contact details simply by scanning and making new contacts easily and playfully.

Participant scout

The participant view in ONevents offers a comprehensive overview of all participants in an event. Organizers can easily navigate the list, view profiles, and view important information about each attendee. This feature encourages networking and interaction between participants by creating a transparent platform for exchanging contact details and discovering potential networking opportunities.

Favorites save, edit and download

The digital business card storage, editing and downloading feature in ONevents allows attendees to easily backup, manage and download their contact details and information. This feature allows you to save digital business cards, make necessary changes or updates, and download the cards for future reference. This ensures an efficient and convenient networking experience.

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