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How can I ask questions from the audience at an event?

ONInquiry is a module for online events with which moderated and selected questions from the audience can be forwarded directly to the speaker for answers. ONInquiry includes, among other things, a question bar on the virtual stage of the event, individually designed buttons, various moderation functions in the backend as well as a clear moderation view for the speaker and all moderators.
With ONInquiry, questions from the audience can either be shown, hidden or simply deleted. Our ONEvents service for this module includes the entire setup as well as comprehensive online training for our customers.
ONInquiry is an excellent module that can be used to build greater audience proximity by answering questions. It also enables extensive question and answer sessions to be held after events and generally offers an opportunity for better integration of the audience into an event.
It's no wonder that ONInquiry is a widely used and very popular module among many ONEvents users.

A guest asks a question using the question bar at the bottom of the screen.
As an editor, questions can be pre-sorted, deleted and displayed.
The questions are displayed in an external view and can thus be shown to the moderator.

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