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How do I set up a live stream?

Hello and welcome to a tutorial from ONevents. Here we want to show you how to set up a digital event with a live stream, company logo and a question bar. 

Step 1: Create new event

To do this, we log into our Onevents account and create a new event. If you don't have an account yet, you can simply register HERE register and create an account.

To create a new event, simply select an event name and select “Register” mode under Settings. For the number of stages, 1 is enough - we only want to display one live stream. 

The preset time is sufficient for demo purposes; 3 months are always preset. 

By clicking on “Create new event” the settings are saved and the new event is created.

Step 2: Create a live stream

As the creator of the event, you can log in directly to the event as you are also created as an administrator. Each event is created with a pause slide - so you can immediately see what the event looks like. 

 Now we can get started and embed our RTMP live stream in Onevents. One option is to create an RTMP stream on YouTube and embed it directly in ONevents. HERE You can read how to create a live stream on YouTube.

Creating an RTMP stream in Youtube is not complicated.

Step 3: Create live stage

After we have created the RTMP stream and copied the embed code, we can create the live stage in the ONevents platform. To do this, simply copy the code and paste it into HTML2 at director 1. Paste the embed code into the live stream area and our setup is ready.

We can also change the logo by going to Settings and General. We upload our event logo to the cover photo. 

The fully set up live stage

So that our guests have the opportunity to ask questions, we also offer a question bar. This is easy to do by adding a question bar. The questions that come in are then displayed in the backend.

Incoming questions are displayed in the moderation view.

We paste the code snippet and click Save. The event is now set up and can be streamed directly.

Step 4: Stream

That’s it for setting up a digital event – all that’s missing are the guests. We'll look at how to get them to the event in another tutorial.

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions please ask directly, we will try to answer them all.

See you soon and happy organizing. 

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