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Live streams & video

Live streams and workshops at ONevents provide an interactive platform for presenting and participating in live events. This feature allows lectures, discussions and interactive workshops to be broadcast in real time, whether on-site or virtually. Participants have the opportunity to actively participate in discussions, ask questions and benefit from practical learning content. The live streams and workshops create a lively and engaging learning environment that promotes both knowledge transfer and interactive exchange.

Streaming with all the extras

Live streams with the ability to display asked questions provide a dynamic platform for broadcasting events in real time. During the live stream, participants can ask questions, which will then be displayed on the screen. This encourages active participation and allows speakers to specifically address audience questions. This interactivity creates a lively discussion and increases participant engagement during the live event.


More common Chat

The chat and moderation function at ONevents enable interactive and controlled communication during events. Participants can exchange ideas, ask questions and take part in discussions in real time. At the same time, the moderation function allows organizers to control the chat to ensure orderly and focused communication. This promotes a constructive exchange and helps ensure that discussions and questions are addressed in a targeted manner.


questions particular provide people

This function allows participants to ask specific questions of specific speakers, experts or speakers. These targeted questions promote direct communication between participants and the people concerned and enable targeted discussion on specific topics or content. This supports high-quality interaction and knowledge exchange within the event. The incoming questions can be filtered, edited and sent to the right people in the platform management in real time. 

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Lectures On demand provide

On-demand areas are special areas in online events that offer participants the opportunity to access and view content at any time. These areas provide access to pre-recorded presentations, videos, materials or resources available during the event or at a later date. On-Demand Areas create a flexible and convenient experience by giving participants the freedom to view content and access relevant information at their own pace.

Live interactions send

Shared Emotions in ONevents create a unique experience by connecting participants and enabling shared emotions during virtual or hybrid events.

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