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Landing pages

Landing pages are perfect for creating customized landing pages for your events. Whether you want to show event information, registration forms, or the schedule, the templates are customizable and easy to use. Best of all, the pages adapt to all devices so they look good everywhere.

The tool also offers analysis functions. You can see how many people visit the site, what they click on, and how many end up signing up. This gives you important information to improve your marketing strategy.

Overall, 'Landing Pages from ONevents' is a great solution to improve your event marketing, attract people and ultimately have more successful events

Individual Designs

In just a few clicks you can create impressive landing pages for your events with our responsive templates. No matter what event – ​​suitable for every device. Easily integrate important information, registration forms and adjustments. Optimize the attractiveness of your event pages in no time!

Areas for
sponsors & speakers

With our flexible templates, you can easily add sponsor and speaker sections to your event pages. Easily present information about sponsors, partners or keynote speakers. Customizable sections let you include images, bios, and links. Create an impressive presence for your supporters and speakers and increase the attractiveness of your events in no time.

Agenda &
Event Schedule

With our user-friendly templates, you can create a clear agenda and event scheduling for your events in no time. You can easily and quickly add program items, workshops and lectures. Thanks to customizable schedules and detailed information, participants keep track of all program items. Create a clear, engaging event agenda that captures interest and informs attendees - without much effort.

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