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Set up landing page

An event landing page is crucial to capture the attention of potential attendees and enable effective communication about the upcoming event. It serves as a digital business card and central contact point in the online area, where interested parties can find all relevant information bundled. Through an appealing design, clear structure and targeted content, the landing page offers the opportunity to present the event attractively, highlight important details such as date, location and program and motivate potential participants to register. It also enables the integration of multimedia elements, such as videos or image galleries, to increase anticipation and convey an authentic impression of the event. A well-designed landing page acts as a digital platform that specifically informs, inspires and activates event participants in advance.

Setting up a landing page

A landing page is the home page of an event. A homepage can be a stage, the login or registration view or even a paywall. In our case we will define a stage as the homepage and then fill it with content.

The home page can be selected under Settings >> Layout.

The home page can be displayed here. If a homepage is selected, it will be displayed first every time the event URL is called up.

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