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Interactions are at the heart of ONevents. Our tool offers a diverse range of options to encourage engagement and interactions during your event. Whether through live chat functions, interactive surveys, networking opportunities or group activities - we create a platform that supports active participation and exchange between participants.

The live chat function allows real-time communication, be it between speakers and audience members or between the participants themselves. This encourages discussions, allows questions and promotes the interactivity of the event.

Through interactive surveys, event organizers receive immediate feedback and can collect real-time reactions to content and presentations. This allows events to be better tailored to the needs and expectations of participants.

Networking features allow participants to network with each other, make contacts and exchange ideas. This encourages the building of new relationships and creates added value for participants.

Our goal is to create a dynamic and engaging event environment through a variety of interaction options that enriches the event experience for everyone involved.

Questionnaires & Survey

Our platform allows you to create customized questionnaires to collect valuable feedback from participants. These surveys can cover a wide range of topics, be it participant satisfaction, lecture ratings or specific interests. The data collected allows organizers to optimize events and adapt them to the needs of participants. Our easy-to-use questionnaire tools provide an effective way to gain valuable insights and continually improve the event experience.

live Graphics &

Our platform enables real-time analytics and visualizations created and displayed during the event. These dynamic graphics provide instant insights into surveys, attendee interactions, or other event metrics. The live visualizations help event organizers understand the event in real time, make adjustments and create an interactive experience based on the needs of attendees.

Infinites &
Question options

At ONevents, various question options are available to diversify interactions. From drag and drop exercises to word cloud generators, we offer a variety of options to engage participants. Drag & drop functions allow elements to be moved interactively, while word clouds make it possible to visually represent participants' shared thoughts or concepts in real time. These versatile question formats support creative and interactive event design that promotes participant participation.

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