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“The integrations in ONevents represent a significant step towards a comprehensive and highly efficient event management platform. These integrations enable seamless connection with a variety of external tools, applications and services. From marketing automation and ticket sales to data analysis and social media integration, ONevents offers a wide range of integrated solutions. These integrations are designed to provide a seamless, thoughtful, and effective experience for event organizers and attendees alike. This makes event planning easier, increases reach and takes the overall experience to a new level.”

Mailchimp integration

“Mailchimp's integration with ONevents makes email marketing easier by allowing event organizers to seamlessly access their Mailchimp lists to create and manage targeted and effective campaigns for their events.”


“By integrating Emarsys with ONevents, event organizers will have the opportunity to develop tailored marketing strategies by seamlessly accessing powerful Emarsys capabilities to create personalized campaigns for their events.”

Stripe integration

“The integration of Stripe into ONevents enables a smooth payment process. Organizers can securely and conveniently accept payments for their events, while attendees benefit from a user-friendly and secure payment experience.”

Successful events with ONevents


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