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What options are there to log into the platform?

We offer various options for logging into the platform. It always depends on the event type.

  • Login with password
  • Login with Personal Login Link (PLL)
  • Login without password
  • Login with event code

These options can be set specifically depending on the event, but the most common method is to log in with a personal login link.


Personal login links, or PLLs for short, provide password-free access to an event. There can be several reasons why the link doesn't work.

  1. The most common mistake here is user rights assignment. If you have the Administrator user role, the link will be blocked and you will receive an error message when you click on it. This is a security feature of the platform.
  2. Not the entire link was accessed. If only part of the link was called up, an error message is generated.
  3. The event has already ended. When the event has ended, all PLLs are automatically forwarded to a web address. By default this is:

If none of these cases apply, please contact support.

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