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Hybrid Events

Every event is different – we have just the thing for it. Different modules are used to create exactly the right hybrid event experience. From guest management to digital surveys and competitions, live streams or interactive photo walls, with our modular system every hybrid event will be a success. 

Accessible to everyone through hybrid events

For hybrid employee events that enable both in-person and virtual participation, features that ensure seamless interaction and participation for everyone are relevant. This includes tools for live streaming, two-way communication, customization of participation locations, interactive functions for remote participants, live broadcasts and security aspects for protected data transmission.

Live streaming and records

The ability to livestream events and provide recordings for later viewing is critical.

Interactive tools and Networking features

Chat rooms, Q&A sessions, polls and polls can improve interaction between participants, regardless of their location. Tools to promote networking opportunities between participants, both online and offline.

Security and privacy

ONevents pays particular attention to the security of virtual events to protect the privacy of participants.

Technical support

Reliable technical support is crucial to quickly resolve any problems during the event. ONevents offers fixed customer support to quickly clarify all problems and questions. 

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