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Gamification & Games

We offer an interactive platform that encourages play and engagement in both event formats. By integrating gamification elements, we enable a fun and interactive experience that delights participants both on site and online. Discover a variety of games that not only increase entertainment, but also enrich learning and exchange in both event formats. Immerse yourself in a world where fun and interaction become the key to unforgettable event experiences - whether on site or online.

On-line or on-site

Games, whether online or on site, are a central part of ONevents. We offer interactive gaming opportunities that delight participants, be it in a virtual environment or at face-to-face events. Our wide range of games creates a fun and educational atmosphere that increases participant engagement and interaction - whether online or in person.

Size Game selection

From interactive quizzes to team building games to puzzle challenges, the game center offers a wide range of options to enrich the event with fun and engagement.

Event currency

By allocating virtual currencies, organizers can create incentives that encourage participants to interact, engage and participate in various activities. The currency can be used for rewards, access to exclusive content or competitions, helping to increase event engagement.

High scores crack

The feature of competing against each other in high scores is an exciting option from ONevents. Here participants can demonstrate their skills and compete with each other in competitions. This fun challenge encourages engagement and interaction as participants try to beat the best and reach the top of the leaderboard.


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