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Celebrate successes and strengthen team spirit: ten steps to the perfect employee party

Make your company event a highlight – with ONevents, your event software

Strengthen the sense of unity and show appreciation to the team: An employee event has many advantages - but also one major disadvantage: the high organizational effort. But with the ONevents software you get a tool that allows you to always have the planning of your events under control. Take the 10 golden rules into account when organizing your summer party or Christmas party – and organize an employee party that will be remembered.

1. Come up with a concept! – The basis of a successful employee party:

Would you like to organize a summer party, a team event or a Christmas party? Do you want to celebrate your employees or even thank their families for their support? Every unforgettable event starts with an idea. Take a look around the ONevents platform and get inspiring ideas and tips for your employee party! Or simply use the “employee party template” from the ONevents software and you have already prepared the most important steps!

2. Plan sustainably! – Show responsibility:

Sustainable events are more in demand than ever. With environmentally friendly celebrations, you live and communicate sustainable values. For a green event, there are many requirements that must be taken into account in the planning. The ONevents software has its own template that you can use to create a Green Event-ready page for your event. This makes certification easier. ONevents is also a climate-friendly company and can also put you in touch with green event consultants.

3. Set a date! – The perfect time for your celebration:

Take advantage of the festive atmosphere in Advent or enjoy the pleasant weather in spring or summer? The perfect time for an employee party depends on the type of event. In any case, when choosing a date, you should avoid holiday periods and religious holidays! If you plan your employee party with the ONevents software, you will always keep track of how many employees can be there on the set date! To ensure that as many guests as possible have time, it is worth sending out a “save the date” early enough.

4. Save the Date! – Inform the employees in good time!

As soon as the date is set, you can send a “save the date” – ideally a few months before the celebration. This is not a formal invitation, but rather advance information. This allows guests to block the appointment and possibly make travel arrangements. The “Save-the-Date” does not have to reveal any details about the program and location. Instead, thanks to the ONevents software, you can even use the “Save-the-Date” to obtain further information. You can ask who can come and include surveys about what they want to do. With the ONevents template “Employee Party” you already have a “save-the-date” email available that you can customize and send immediately.

 5. Create magical moments! – The perfect program for your employee party

Thanks to the feedback from “Save-the-date”, your planning will become more concrete. Now you know the number and wishes of the guests. In addition to good food, an entertainment program such as games or joint activities should not be missing. The fun is in the foreground. On the ONevents platform you can find tips about locations, artist acts, music or catering companies from other ONevents users. Take a look around! The software itself also offers the option for interactive games – simply via a web app.

6. Invite your guests! – The invitation as the flagship of your employee party:

Official invitations to an employee party should be sent out approximately six to eight weeks before the event date. This invitation can be distributed or mailed in print, or sent via email in an environmentally friendly way. With the “Employee Party” template from the ONevents software, you can adapt your invitation to your company design and send it out. QR codes or numerical codes with a link to the platform can be printed on printed invitations - this can also be easily implemented with the ONevents software. In this way you can query menu requests, allergies or hotel requirements.

7. Create a directing plan! – Maintain control and plan efficiently:

A stage plan includes the time planning until the celebration, the distribution of tasks and all information about music, catering and program. On the ONevents platform you always have an eye on who will enrich the festival with their participation and what needs the guests have. If buses need to be booked for the journey, this can all be recorded digitally using the software. If you need support with planning/booking catering & Co - take a look around the ONevents community. You are sure to find the right partners there.

8. Keep your guests updated! – Send reminders and tickets:

Stay in touch with your guests! You can get in touch with guests on the ONevents platform: those who have not yet given feedback will receive a reminder, and you will send event details and tickets to those who have confirmed. Anyone who needs accommodation will be provided with the necessary information - all individually and with just one click. Everything comes together on the ONevents platform. Instead of countless Excel tables, forgotten notes and different versions of lists, you have all the information in one place and always up to date. Updates can be updated very easily and everyone involved in the planning process is on the same page.  

9. Receive your guests in style! – A warm welcome:

A quick, uncomplicated check-in is the gateway to a successful employee party. You have your guest list perfectly prepared on the ONevents platform. When you arrive, the tickets are simply scanned via the web app. This means guests feel like they are in good hands from the first second. No expensive technology is necessary – because all guests usually have their smartphone with them. You can assign them their space using the information stored on the platform, or print out a badge for each guest with their name and position to make networking easier.

10. Create memories! – Contact and photos after the employee party:

You have to capture special moments! Whether you're a photo box or a professional photographer, you can set up the photo function with the ONevents software in just a few clicks. The photos are uploaded directly to the platform. After the employee party, you can send the guests a thank you and a link to the photos. This is the best way to get feedback right away. At green events, an opportunity to provide feedback is even mandatory, but it is also good manners to ask how the festival was received. There are also ready-made messages in the ONevents template for this email. This way, the employee party will be remembered fondly.

With the ONevents template “Employee Party” you can plan all of these steps to your successful employee party very simply and efficiently and in this way create an unforgettable event with little effort! The templates are all flexible to choose from and can be perfectly adapted to the company design. If you still need support, you are welcome to book our support service.

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