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Ticket Manager

The Ticket Manager in ONevents is a powerful platform that allows event organizers to receive payment for event tickets, track revenue details and create detailed PDF invoices. This feature provides a comprehensive overview of an event's financial performance by transparently showing revenue. Organizers can monitor and track the success of their event based on revenue from ticket sales. The function therefore enables effective management of ticket sales and payments for smooth event management.

Ticket sales with ticket quotas

By selling tickets via ONevents, organizers can easily create and offer different ticket types. Control over ticket quotas makes it possible to control the number and availability of tickets to ensure a balanced and targeted sales strategy. This enables organizers to react flexibly to demand and ensure smooth organization of ticket sales.

Payment processing
with well-known providers

Payment processing in ONevents offers a secure platform for purchasing tickets. Various payment methods such as credit cards and PayPal are available to make the purchasing process smooth. This allows event organizers to manage income from ticket sales safely and easily.

bills create automatically

Invoicing in ONevents allows event organizers to create detailed and professional invoices for ticket purchases. This service ensures buyers receive clear and concise invoices suitable for accounting and tax purposes. Organizers can easily manage the invoices created and make them available to buyers, promoting transparency and trust in the payment process.

Ticket scanning function
at the event on site

The ticket scanning function in conjunction with the ONevents check-in app enables effective and uncomplicated checking of tickets upon entry to the event. Using the app, event organizers can scan the QR codes or barcodes on the tickets to confirm the authenticity and validity of the tickets. This seamless integration between the scanning function and the app simplifies the check-in process and ensures fast, seamless access for participants to the event.

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