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Invitation Manager

Our invitation management tool at ONevents is the solution that makes the entire management of invitations for your events easier. Design and customize invitations with ease, whether for business conferences, networking events or celebratory occasions. Customize content, add company branding, and incorporate key details to create a welcoming atmosphere and leave a professional impression.

The system not only allows you to send invitations, but also efficiently track RSVPs and manage guest lists. This way you always keep track of the number and identity of participants. ONevents also offers the option of sending automatic reminders before the event to ensure that guests are always informed and invited.

Our invitation management tool is the key to a well-organized and smooth event by bringing together all aspects of the invitation process in one central location.

Individual Designs

Create an individual design for your invitations! With ONevents you can design personalized and unique invitations. Customize layouts, colors and content to create a customized invitation to create something that gives your event a personal touch. Invitations that will be remembered – thanks tailor-made design, which perfectly reflects the style and message of your event.

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RSVP management

Manage RSVPs effortlessly with ONevents! Our platform offers effective RSVP management, making it easy to track the attendee list, manage confirmations, and handle guest changes. With clear RSVP information, you always keep track of the number of participants and make it easier to organize your event.

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Personalized invitations
print with invitation codes.

Print personalized invitations with individual invitation codes! With ONevents you can create customized invitations and print them with unique codes. Each code is tailored specifically to the guest and makes identification and management at the event easier. A convenient way to offer each guest a personal invitation while controlling access.

Faster and easier Check in

With our tool we enable a quick and uncomplicated check-in process. Thanks to efficient technology, gaining entry to your event is child's play. Ensure everything runs smoothly and shorten waiting times - for a stress-free arrival experience for your guests.

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