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Email templates

Our platform offers an extensive selection of attractive email templates. These templates allow you to quickly and easily create professional emails for your events. With various layouts and pre-made designs, you can put together informative, inviting, and engaging emails in no time. Personalized content and customization options ensure that your communication reaches the recipients in a targeted and effective manner. Achieve effective and professional communication with your audience through our diverse email templates.

Individual Designs

Our email templates provide an efficient way to create engaging and professional messages. With a variety of pre-built layouts and customizable designs, you can respond to your individual requirements quickly and easily. These templates make it easy to create emails for different occasions, be it events, marketing campaigns or general communication. Use our versatile templates to present your messages effectively and save time.

Emails about
tags trigger

Triggering emails via tags means launching automated email campaigns based on specific tags or behaviors. This function enables targeted and automatic email sending to recipients who have specific tags. This way, customized and relevant messages are sent to audiences based on their specific characteristics or interactions.

personalization &
SMTP server

A dedicated SMTP server makes it possible to send and receive emails via an individual server infrastructure. This provides more control over the email sending process and allows for personalized configuration according to the company's specific needs. By using your own SMTP server, the deliverability and security of the emails sent can be optimized, while at the same time ensuring flexibility in managing and customizing email communications.

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