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The advantages of digital press conferences:

Why companies should rely on virtual events.

Press conferences are an important part of modern communication between companies, governments and the public. Press conferences can be used to pass on important news and information to journalists and therefore to the general public. Important questions are often answered and background information is explained. However, press conferences can also be critically questioned and represent a particular challenge for the people involved. We want to take a closer look at press conferences and ask ourselves how they work and what should be taken into account when organizing and conducting them.

What do I have to consider when planning a press conference?

Planning a press conference requires careful preparation and attention to a few important aspects. Here are some points to consider when planning a successful press conference:

1 goal:
Before you start planning, you should be clear about the goal of your press conference. What do you want to achieve? What message do you want to convey? Define your goals and keep them in mind as you plan your press conference.

2. Time and Place:
Choose a suitable time and place for your press conference. The timing should be convenient for all relevant participants and the location should be easily accessible. Consider whether you want to organize a purely digital press conference or a hybrid one with an on-site audience. Make sure the location has enough space for participants and good acoustics.

3. Participants:
Make sure you invite all key participants, such as journalists, important personalities or experts. Also plan a sufficient number of microphones and chairs for the participants. A suitable camera and fast internet are also extremely important.

4. Message:
Make sure your message is clear and concise. Prepare a short press release or handout that contains all the important information you want to convey to attendees. You can make the handout available for download on the digital platform.

5. Questions and Answers:
Be prepared for possible questions and also prepare answers carefully. Make sure that all important information is included and that your answers are clear and concise.

6. Technique:
Test all the technical equipment you need for the press conference, such as the microphone and the sound system. Also make sure that the lighting is sufficient and that the cameras are placed correctly. Test the internet connection and the live stream.

7. Follow-up:
Prepare a summary or report of the press conference and share it with participants. Also take time to collect and analyze feedback to improve your future press conferences.

Digital, hybrid, or just on site?

The question still remains whether you should hold your press conference digitally or hybridly; we have put together a few reasons for the digital variant here. A digital press conference offers several advantages over a traditional, physical press conference:

– Time and cost savings:
A digital press conference saves time and money for everyone involved. Because it is conducted online, participants do not need to travel and can participate from anywhere. This saves travel costs and travel time.

– Flexibility:
A digital press conference offers more flexibility as it can be carried out from any location. Participants can participate from their offices or home, saving time and effort.

- Reachability:
Digital press conferences can reach a larger number of participants because they are not limited to a specific number of people. This means that more journalists or other interested parties can attend the press conference.

– Interactivity:
Digital press conferences also offer opportunities for interaction, such as the ability to ask questions in real time or have a live discussion. This interactivity can help generate greater interest in the press conference.

– Recording:
Digital press conferences can be recorded and accessed later, allowing participants to rewatch the conference later and note important information.

– Environmentally friendly:
Digital press conferences are also more environmentally friendly than physical press conferences because they do not involve travel or paper costs.


Overall, a digital press conference offers many advantages over a traditional, physical press conference. It saves time and money, is more flexible, can reach a larger number of participants and offers opportunities for interaction and recording. If you would like to organize a digital press conference, please contact our team - we will help you plan and implement it.

Have fun organizing!

If you want to know more about the topic, don't hesitate contact us!


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