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These are the digital event trends for 2023

6 trends for your perfect hybrid event.

Everyone wants Corona to finally be over. That everything is back to normal. Everything comfortable, back to normal. But is that so? First of all – no. Nothing is the same as it was before Covid, and that's a good thing. The event landscape has changed, found new ways and tried new things. Some things will disappear, but many things will remain. And that's good. The digitalization of the event industry opens up new event concepts and makes room for new experiences. That's a good thing because the event landscape is getting bigger and more diverse. We have put together our 6 digital event trends for 2023 and would like to share them with you.

1. Digitalized check-in

Already standard for larger events, not yet very common for smaller events. Digital check-in makes every event appear professional. Guests receive a ticket with a QR code, online or printed, and present it at the entrance. The ticket is then scanned and checked in using our own check-in app. This records who arrived at what time and checking in at an event is much quicker than reading names from an Excel list.

2. Online registrations

Sending an event confirmation by email is possible, but it is no longer appropriate. Online registration for an event is more suitable. No matter what size. Point 2 in our list completes point 1. Guests register online and receive a ticket. This can be a PDF ticket to print out or an online ticket on your mobile phone. Online registration allows you to obtain more detailed information and manages registrations clearly and easily. No clutter of Excel lists and always an up-to-date status of registrations. Online registrations are quick to set up and really help with organization.

3. Gamification at the event

Quests and rewards. Guests are given a task and receive a reward after solving it. This motivates people to participate and significantly increases the interaction rate of an event and should no longer be missing from any event. Such quests and tasks can be easily integrated into an on-site event using web apps. This can be done online directly on the screen. If you solve a task, points or coins are awarded. These can then be exchanged for vouchers, free drinks or other gifts. Gamification makes an event more exciting and encourages your guests to interact more. This way you can attract your guests to each individual trade fair stand or have cool photos of the event posted.

If you want to know more about the topic, don't hesitate contact us!

4. Cashless payment system

Another digitalization in addition to check-in and online registration is the cashless payment system. A cashless payment option for drinks or food, for example. This means guests can pay with their ticket at the event. If there were always vouchers or drink tokens at an event, these can easily be replaced with a cashless payment system. This is easy to do via the ticket. With an app, credit can be topped up and then deducted again when making a purchase.

5. Hybrid – the fusion of online and onsite

Most events are already organized hybrid. That's a good thing, because if you offer a live stream of the onsite event, the event is made accessible to more people. Long journeys can be avoided and the content of the event can also be offered more cost-effectively. If you combine the advantages of a digital event with those of an onsite event, the event becomes high-quality and modern. Points 1-4 in the list already make an event part hybrid and with a little effort, the digital ticket can also be turned into a platform for live streams and on-demand content.

6. Green events

Hybrid & Digital – used cleverly, these two concepts help to save a lot of CO2. Especially in times of energy crisis and Covid, it is important to organize events in a way that saves resources. If you plan your event according to the rules of a green event, you automatically save energy and generate less waste. This means you can really save costs at an event and protect the environment. A win-win situation, so to speak. We would be happy to show you how to organize a green event.
These are our trends for 2023. What do you think – are trends missing or is something completely different coming? Have we forgotten something? Write us a comment!

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