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Badge designer

Be part of a unique event experience with our badge designer tool! With this practical tool you have the opportunity to create and print individual event badges for each guest. Create unique badges that not only contain informative elements, but also reflect each participant's personality and style.

Our easy-to-use tool allows you to easily create different designs, add names, titles, company logos and other personalized information. Whether conferences, trade fairs or other events – create an inviting atmosphere and make your guests feel valued and special.

The ability to print individual badges for each guest not only adds to the professionalism of your event, but also highlights the sense of community. Give your event a personal touch and welcome your guests with badges designed especially for them - an inviting gesture that creates unforgettable moments.

Individual Designs

With individual designs for badges you can create a personal touch. Customize names, titles and other information to give each guest a unique badge. These personalized designs give your event a special atmosphere and ensure that your guests feel valued and individually recognized.

With QR codes

Print QR codes on your individual badges! The addition of QR codes provides a convenient way to convey more information or access interactive content. Every guest can use their badge to quickly and easily access relevant data or online resources. A QR code on the badge is a clever and efficient addition to provide additional information.

On site Event badges
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Print badges on site! Our system allows badges to be printed directly at the event location. With this practical function, individual badges can be created for each guest in real time. Participants receive their personalized badges immediately upon arrival, ensuring smooth operations and efficient organization.

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