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Avatars and animations instead of analogue meetings

Events take new paths: Mox Innovations and ONevents announce partnership

There is a new dimension in the world of hybrid events – the third dimension. The two Austrian companies Mox Innovations and ONevents combine their expertise and now enable events in three-dimensional space.
Looking into the Metaverse

We are now familiar with online meetings well enough. You sit in front of the computer, talk to a face that - depending on the stability of the internet connection - speaks back more or less in real time, admire either a bookshelf or the Golden Gate Bridge in the virtual background and every cat that walks through the picture becomes a welcome one Variety. But it can also be more exciting. This is ensured by a partnership between two start-ups that have made it their mission to open up new worlds with virtual events.

Mox Innovations

Virtual look behind the scenes

“We can virtually guide guests through buildings or museums, show you the products in 3D format in the showroom and even explain how an aircraft turbine works with a three-dimensional animation,” says Michael Fox, founder and creative director of the Linz-based company Mox Innovations ( With the mix of architectural creativity and innovative technology, Fox and his team enable interactive visits to houses, trade fairs and showrooms. Thanks to Mox Innovations, those thirsty for knowledge were able to visit museums even during the lockdowns or companies allowed their interested parties a virtual look into restricted company areas.   

Michael Fox

Events in the modular system

In the future, this offer will also be established at trade fairs, meetings and product presentations, because Michael Fox has formed a strong partnership with event professional Alexander Janda from ONevents. The Viennese start-up ONevents ( enables you to organize events independently using a practical modular system. “Just as you assemble a practical wardrobe in a Swedish furniture store according to your individual wishes, you can plan an event with us,” explains ONevents founder and managing director Alexander Janda: “Instead of drawers, clothes rails and cupboard doors, for example, we have invitation management Guest registration or the ability to communicate interactively with other guests.” This allows marketing departments or event agencies to easily organize small meetings or entire congresses themselves.

Alexander Janda

Avatars guide you through virtual locations

In 2023, ONevents and Mox Innovations are now available in a double pack. You can invite your event guests to a virtual open day and be guided through the production facility by avatars. Entire event locations can be built three-dimensionally. Trade fair visitors will roam virtually through the exhibition and find out about the exhibitors' innovations with a click of the mouse, and the products can be experienced and therefore understood through 3D animation. Mox Innovations and ONevents are also a strong duo at live on-site events. With ONevents you can plan and organize any event and Mox Innovations provides innovative presentation options with 3D animated, interactive objects on site. There are no limits to the ideas. And if you miss the beloved cat in the background, you can also have the purring fur nose animated in three dimensions and inserted into the virtual event locations.

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