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5 sustainable reasons for events

An event looks completely different today than it did 1 year ago. Many aspects of an event were not or only slightly considered in the past, but are a central topic today. The pandemic has shaken up the events industry and turned it upside down, new business areas have emerged and many service providers have been forced to rethink. The relatively young segment of digital events has established itself in record time and is more in demand than ever. We have put together a few reasons why digital events in particular should not be seen as a necessary evil, but as an opportunity for an extended, strong industry.

1. Planning security

The event landscape has been upside down for months. Many bans and no planning security make it almost impossible to organize events. We have often heard the statement from organizers recently: “Why should I even plan events in these turbulent times? It doesn't last anyway." This is certainly true for local events – things are a bit different for digital events. Digital events can be planned very well and are independent of external influences such as storms or pandemics. 

2. Ecological footprint

Virtual events offer completely new possibilities in the event industry. Events are rethought and invented. If participants traveled to large, local congresses from all over the world, it is no longer necessary to be at the venue to take part in digital events. The often resource-wasting character of events is completely averted by digital events. Due to the location independence of digital events, emissions that occur when traveling to the event location are completely eliminated. The number of flights and the traffic load around the event location are reduced enormously - this reduces the emission of CO2 and other pollutants and relieves the environment. Our servers, which provide the computing power to hold the event, will be operated with sustainable electricity providers in 2021 to make digital events almost CO2-neutral.

3. Accessibility

With ONevents, access to the content of an event is greatly simplified. Risk groups do not have to be there in person to take part in an event. You expose yourself to fewer risks, such as infections, and can consume content in a safe environment. The digital processing makes it easier for the hearing and visually impaired to take part in the events. 

4. New entertainment options

Digital events offer completely new possibilities in entertainment. In this way, several multimedia levels can be combined with one another. The time level can be controlled and designed. When used well, the new levels of entertainment offer an enormous potential to design events in a completely different way than before - but a good conception is very important here - otherwise you can quickly get bogged down. 

5. Costs

With digital participation, there are far fewer costs for the guest because there are no travel, accommodation and meal costs. This allows tickets to be sold far more cheaply, which in turn allows a far wider audience to participate. Access for students and low earners is thus made easier. It is also easier for people with mobility impairments to attend events.

The event industry is facing a large, new business field that offers many opportunities. If used correctly, these opportunities can improve events and multiply the added value. To achieve this, good planning and professional execution is a must. We are happy to support you. 

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