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3D walk into the future of virtual events

When you think of online events, you usually imagine a boring, cool screen atmosphere. With a specially designed 3D location, ONevents is fundamentally changing this. Because this gives virtual events a cozy home.

Warm sunlight shines into the building. The glass fronts provide a view of a meadow and trees. Light wood on the ceiling creates a pleasant ambience: “It was the right decision to put our Online Congress Center (OCC) in the hands of Architect Michael Fox from Metamade, instead of a programmer,” says ONevents founder and managing director Alexander Janda.

The bright reception area in the OCC

Nice walk instead of cool wallpaper

With his idea of designing a virtual location, he hits the spirit of the times: “You sit in front of the screen all day. When you're invited to an event - and it's taking place online, as is now the norm - you don't want to just stare at a white screen background again," explains Janda. Instead of a cool, two-dimensional picture, guests at the OCC can expect a three-dimensional walk through a truly feel-good place.

A cozy lounge area for digital workshops

Furnishing according to customer requirements

Atrium, Klimt, Kahlo and DaVinci are the names of the special rooms that event organizers can rent. They can then furnish the rooms as desired. Plants, roll-ups, people and products – whatever you want to show visitors can be included in the virtual location. Guests then discover on their own what information and presentations are in the different rooms with a click of the mouse.

The next lecture starts soon.

Emotions for online events

“Our goal is to give all participants of a virtual congress or event a pleasant feeling. They should relax and be in a good mood as they explore the event in three dimensions on the screen. Because emotions and atmosphere are the only point in which online events have not yet been able to keep up with live events. That’s changing now!” says the ONevents founder proudly.

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